"Margo is a very professional individual. He took on the position of lead for the construction of our 2800 square foot home (...) [He] has positively contributed to (...) the creation of our project. (...) He provided rapid respon(ses) to projects' urgent needs and changing priorities. (...) He is able to provide accurate manpower and material estimates (...) His knowledge of our building codes and regulatory requirements is unsurpassed. Anyone who would hire him would realize instantly that he is a very responsible person and has enormous knowledge and skills in the field of construction. (...) Give Margo an opportunity to show what he can do. I am sure you wouldn't be disappointed."

-Jim & Heidi Cain, El Granada, CA

"I highly recommend Margo (...) He is very knowledgable, [a] fast accurate worker, well organized and a good leader (...), excellent to work with, [and] one of the very best you will find."

-James J. Spilker Jr., PhD, Professor School of Engineering Stanford University

"What I like most about Margo are his candid nature and high level of professionalism. He is quick to offer his informed opinion about a job, and he provides insightful and inspired solutions to potential problems. He strives to do his best work, and he does so in a timely fashion. (...) An added plus is that Margo has excellent command of the English language, which makes it easy for me to communicate with him about concepts and terminologies in construction that I’m not familiar with in Spanish. It’s also important to mention that when I hire Margo to do a job, I know I can completely entrust him (...) it is a real pleasure to work with him."

-Crista Crummer, Colonia Centro, Querétaro

"My hearty recommendation for Margo and his work is given with pleasure and confidence (...) I can attest that it is rare to see this level of expertise, diversity of skills, intelligence, common sense, cleanliness, speed, reliability and honesty in the construction and home renovation industry (...) This is the second project that Margo has done for me. This first was to correct all the mistakes made by others (...) Save yourselves headaches and heartbreaks. (...) In my opinion he is 'Margo el Mago.' "

-Shelley Whittall, Home Querétaro

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Custom design, remodels, carpentry, and maintenance for businesses and residences

Margarito Reséndiz López, Contractor

Querétaro, Mexico

442-180-1962 (cel)